Project: Insurance web page using Visual studio, Angular, SQL server database, Using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Type script, Web API

Use Case Documentation Team PUSHPA


1. Homepage page

2. About page

3. Services page

4. Login page

5. Sign up page

6. Dashboard


1) Image corosel

2) Navbar

3) Footer

4) Logo with information.

About page :

1) Importance of insurance

2) Reviews

3) Team members details

a) contact number

b) email address

c) GitHub link.

Services page :

1) Health Insurance

2) Travel insurance

3) Life Insurance

4) Car insurance

5) Two wheeler insurance

6) Home Insurance

7) Button with link to register page.

Login page :

1) Username

2) Password

3) Submit button leading to uh dashboard.

Dashboard :

1) Sidebar:

a) Dashboard

b) My documents

c) My services

d) Settings

1) Policy types:

Table with all the policy types

2) My policies:

Table with all my policies

3) New policies:

Customer details and payment gateway.

Signup page :

1) Username

2) Email

3) Phone number

4) Password

5) Confirm password

6) Submit button

7) Backend connectivity to SQL server using Web API.

Screenshot of insurance use case:

Home page:

Homepage consists of navigation bar with components like home, about, services, login and signup with the respective links. It consists of image carousel with 3 images and also a container section for logo and information about Infiniti insurance.

It consists a footer aswell.

Home page

2.About page

About page consists of simple cards wherein the information about importance of insurance is given. It also have the review section where reviews of customers are then in the below we have provided our team members contact details as well as GitHub links.


Services page:

Services page consists of simple cards with a button in the below which navigate to the registration page. We have provided information about health insurance , car insurance, two wheeler insurance ,house insurance ,travel insurance and life insurance.

Sign up

Log in




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